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PADnet Testimonials

"I considered other technologies, but was put off by technician dependency and the burden of interpreting the test results inhouse. PADnet® is quick, easy to use and provides the opportunity to collaborate with a vascular expert, which allows me to treat my patients with confidence."

—  Dr. Kim Gauntt, DPM
Hillsboro, OR

"PADnet allows us to make an early diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease in a primary care setting. It provides financial reimbursement that makes sense. And a unique feature of PADnet® is its ability to break down barriers between specialists and primary physicians. BioMedix will come in and train your staff. That makes a huge difference. They provide that comfort level with testing, and once they get that, they are off and running."

—  John D. Martin, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Annapolis, MD

"The PADnet® vascular exam system requires NO hand-held Doppler, and, for the most part, is much easier to perform while giving the physician a lot more detailed information including: PVRs (multiple level) ABIs and TBIs. Overall, [it is] much less technician dependent with much better reporting. The results can read by a vascular specialist of your choice via the Internet helping to increase referrals and reduce liability."

—  Hal Ornstein, DPM
Chair, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Managers,
Howell, NJ

"PADnet® with Segmental Pressures provides another reference to assist in identifying Peripheral Vascular Disease in a non-invasive practice setting. PADnet finds patients earlier, when interventional options and treatment possibilities are at their greatest."

—  John Martin, MD
Medical Director of Heart and Vascular Institute at Anne Arundel Medical Center Annapolis, MD

"This feature [Remote View] helps support the way we work. Three of our five offices are part of multi-specialty groups. I can test a patient in one office, and review the results with a specialist in another office without having to carry copies with me. I will also use this feature whenever I visit with my Hospital wound care clinic colleagues, to plan care for my patients."

—  John Guiliana, DPM
Hackettstown, NJ

"PADnet® is a simple and clinically useful test for the diagnosis of CVI."

—  Dr. Tom Fogarty
Inventor of the medical industry standard balloon embolectomy catheter